Lufthansa introduces air cargo product for private customers

Lufthansa Cargo has introduced “myAirCargo” to target private customers looking to send bulky items via international airfreight. “Whether it’s an urgent move, an exotic antique or a larger-than-usual sports accessory,” the airline announced, Lufthansa can now send these goods by air.

For myAirCargo customers, Lufthansa’s logistics subsidiary will organize complete transport of goods from door to door, while also handling customs formalities en route. The new product frees up deep-pocketed customers, such as tourists, to indulge in ambitious impulse buys.

“We are occupying an innovative niche in the market between postal services and forwarders,” said Peter Gerber, CEO of Lufthansa Cargo. “Book air cargo quickly and easily online, at first hand – only we can do that.”

However, the World Wildlife Fund warned buyers to beware. Before forking over their Malaysian ringgits, Mozambican metical, or Vietnamese dong, customers should ensure that their purchases don’t violate international laws on endangered species and plants. “Most countries, including the United States, protect their native animals and plants under national laws and through CITES – a treaty signed by more than 170 nations to support sustainable trade in wildlife and plants while protecting endangered species,” the organization said. “Just because you find an item for sale does not mean it is legal to bring it home. By making informed choices, you can avoid having your souvenir confiscated or paying a fine.”