Packaging Development

Packaging development – packaging systems and packaging technology – whether cardboard or plastic, our Packaging Design Centre will develop what you need. From consultation to production – when it comes to packaging materials.

Logistics Management

Logistics used to be considered as materials management. Today, logistics is that and much more. Due to fast-growing trade volumes, logistics has turned into a booming industry worldwide and an ever-growing challenge for companies.

With GOBO TRADE as a strong logistics partner, we can offer our customers diverse logistical services from a single source.


  • Fast, flexible and reliable
  • Hong Kong delivery within 24 hours
  • Blanket coverage Asia-wide
  • Daily journeys and fixed journey times
  • Reduced transport risks thanks to system-supported transport handling
  • Consultation and development of individual logistical concepts

Packaging Consult

With our consulting service, you can turn directly to the packaging manufacturer for advice on your packaging logistics and packaging processes. Independent consulting for packaging technology and packaging materials from GOBO TRADE.

Take advantage of our experience and independence when it comes to finding the best packaging solution for you. Our staff is more than happy to be at your service. You stand to benefit from our unbiased opinions on materials and shapes and are only offered the solution that really makes sense for your product.

When coming up with the solution, we naturally consider the entire process to optimizing the work station ergonomics and the handling of the packaging.

Environmental Responsibility

We’re proud that our business is booming and we recognize that this success comes with even greater responsibility to minimize the environmental impact of our operations. It’s a challenge we’re continuing to respond to as we increase manufacturing capacity around the world to meet growing customer demand.