About Us

GoBo for Global

GOBO TRADE LTD. is an international trading company specializing in commercial packaging materials founded in Hong Kong. GOBO TRADE has a unique ability to streamline, optimize and expedite freight and logistics packaging solutions.

Our group offers professional packing materials for freight forwarders, air charters, cargo terminals and airlines around the world, specialized perishables handling and full-service logistics packaging management.

Our Team

Our team provides trust-worthy, loyal and capable commercial services. It is a point of pride to adhere to the highest ethical standards in the business.

GOBO TRADE seeks to be a strategic ally for its customers. This philosophy of alliance is what makes us stand out from the rest of the pack. We offer security, reliability and knowledge. We are truly packing specialists.

Our Solutions

By teaming with GOBO TRADE, you avoid the need to juggle multiple suppliers. Big or small – whether it’s one box, one pallet or a company-wide of logistics packaging operation – GOBO TRADE has everything you need.

Our customers benefit from our extensive experience and knowledge of many major industries in creating packaging solutions to a new industry standard.

We organize and optimize a comprehensive plan for your operation. Our experienced and friendly staff at GOBO TRADE will tailor made a solution that suits your needs.